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The implementation is based on the experience gathered at the Federal Commercial College at Steyr and the schools of the BFI (Vocational Training Institute) in Vienna («open learning» and «intercultural learning»). daccess-ods.un.org

Its application is based on the experience gained at the Federal University College at Steyr and the schools of the Vocational Training Institute in Vienna («open learning» and «intercultural learning»). daccess-ods.un.org

born 1945; Barrister in Ireland (1972); Industrial and Commercial Property Counsel (1973-1979); Barrister (1979-1995) and Senior Counsel (1995-1998) in Ireland; Member of the Bar of England and Wales; Judge of the High Court of Ireland (1998); Professor of «Systems and Methods».

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The president of the Manufacturers and Distributors Association, Ignacio González, remarked that, in the current context, «it is essential to avoid measures that affect household income and penalize companies».

The efficiency, robustness and flexibility of the chain allows guaranteeing supply to the population, but measures are urgently needed to avoid the acts of vandalism and coercion that are preventing a large part of the transport operations.

SMEs consider that aids such as the Next Generation Funds are «very welcome» to activate sustainability strategies, but they are committed to models that allow them greater financial independence.

The portal that integrates manufacturers, distributors, logistics operators and carriers provides access to information on occupational risk prevention, safety and regulatory compliance in the transport sector.

Under the slogan ‘Be. Be. And be.’ the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors will bring together major consumer and retail brands to preview the post-pandemic environment that the sector will face.

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The Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics trains you to work as a nutritionist and dietitian, a profile increasingly in demand due to the growing awareness of the influence of food on health.

This Double Degree offers you a comprehensive training to become one of the most demanded profiles in the world of animation: an engineer with solid artistic knowledge or a creator capable of giving life to the most advanced graphics.

The Degree in Criminology and Security Sciences will make you a highly specialized professional in the new crimes and the use of telematic media that have arisen with the advance of new technologies.

Are you passionate about the new audiovisual challenges of communication through new broadcasting channels? The Degree in Audiovisual Communication offers you the training you need to respond to your vocation.

The growing importance of video in the written and audio media makes the double degree in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism a more than interesting option for the future in a constantly evolving field.

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Let us clarify beforehand that when we talk about traditional stores we refer to those stores of reduced surface, no more than 200 square meters with service assistance, not very wide and deep assortment and with a relatively high price level. They were usually family-owned commercial establishments and their location was of absolute proximity.

We all know what a supermarket is, it is an establishment with more surface area than a traditional store, occupying up to 2,500 square meters. There are several chain stores. Their assortment includes about 2,000 consumer products, practically focused on food, personal hygiene and household cleaning products. They have both manufacturer’s brands and private labels. Some products are sold on an assisted basis but they are self-service. The price level is relatively lower than that of a traditional store because they have bargaining power and because they have a lot of private labels. Unlike traditional stores, they allow online home shopping. Their location is also of proximity.